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McGuinness Attacks British Budget

23 June, 2010

Sinn Féin MP Martin McGuinness has described yesterdays Tory/Lib Dem budget as ‘damaging to the economy, with a devastating impact on front line services’. Mr McGuinness dismissed the notion that the Tory/Lib Dem administration had no other option.

Mr McGuinness said:

“This is a bad budget that will damage the economy, put jobs at risk, undermine public services and push low income families further into poverty. Despite the rhetoric of fairness and protecting the vulnerable this is a return to old style Thatcherite policies that will lead to an increase in unemployment, a weakening of the welfare state and greater inequality in our society.

“Cutting public sector wages & social welfare payments while increasing VAT will further depress consumer demand, putting private sector jobs at risk. If people have less money in their pockets they will spend less and jobs will be lost.

“Reducing public spending by 25% over four years will have a devastating impact on front line services, this will hit women and children and households living in poverty the hardest. We of course will find out the extent of the impact on the Block Grant in October.

“The British government had an alternative. They could have ended their illegal occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. They could have chosen not to pump an estimated £100bn into replacing Trident. They could have chosen instead to invest in job creation while protecting the incomes of low paid workers and those on social welfare. I said this directly to David Cameron two weeks ago in London.

“There ia a way out of this. We need an all-Ireland economic recovery plan under the auspices of the NSMC. It needs to contain an national job creation strategy. The Executive needs fiscal powers in order to allow us to do everything in our power to tackle these savage cuts and to protect public and private sector jobs, front line services and the incomes of low and middle income families.” ENDS

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