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Government called upon to abandon asylum relocation plans and set about addressing unjustifiable delay in asylum process

6 July, 2010

Sinn Féin TD for Louth, Arthur Morgan has called on the Government to abandon its plans to forcibly relocate Asylum seekers from Mosney to other locations in Dublin city centre. He said while conditions in Mosney weren’t ideal, those living there – some for over five years – had built a community with supports and friendships firmly established.

Deputy Morgan said, “If the Government is serious about making inroads in to the financial burden that the asylum system is putting on exchequer then they need to address the unjustifiably long process that is involved in establishing whether somebody is entitled to asylum or not. It is a crazy situation where somebody can be in the process for five and six years – where they are not allowed to work and where they are totally dependent on state subvention.

“We have almost 500,000 people unemployed in this state. Surely there exists amongst that number people who have the expertise and human rights knowledge to process asylum applications. If a handful of them were employed it has the potential to significantly reduce the overall burden on the taxpayer by speeding up the process.

“We are dealing with human beings here – there needs to be compassion and certainty. It is not fair on one hand to be continually shifting people from pillar to post at short notice while at the same time there is so much uncertainty about how long the process is going to take.” ENDS

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