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Ombudsman needs to produce new McGurk’s Report

9 July, 2010 - by Gerry Kelly


Commenting on the reports that the Police Ombudsman has decided not to publish his report into the UVF bombing of McGurks Bar in 1971, Sinn Féin Assembly member for North Belfast Gerry Kelly said:


“The report given to the relatives of those killed in the UVF attack on McGurks bar yesterday was so inaccurate that it couldn’t even get year the attack happened and the names of those killed correct.


“It has caused justifiable anger and it is only right that the Ombudsman bins this deeply flawed report. What needs to happen now is not for a rehash of what was given to the families yesterday but a new report which accurately deals with the facts in the case. These include the reality that the RUC wrongly and deliberately blamed the IRA for the bombing and that this was backed by the political establishment of the time.


“The way in which the office of the Police Ombudsman has conducted this report reflects badly on them. There is now a job to rebuild public confidence in their work. This needs to start with the production of a report into the McGurks Bar bombing which gets to the truth and delivers for the families.


“I have sought a meeting with the Ombudsman and I will also be meeting with the relatives in the coming days.” ENDS

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