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Economic recovery is barren without job creation – Morgan

14 July, 2010

Speaking this morning after the publication of the ESRI quarterly economic commentary predicted that emigration was set to hit 120,000 by the end of 2011, Sinn Féin Spokesperson on the Economy Arthur Morgan has called Ireland’s economic recovery ‘barren’ in its failure to create jobs.

Deputy Morgan said:

“The report released today echoes the previous economic commentary that Ireland’s economic recovery will be barren- essentially a jobless recovery that will not help the almost half a million people on the Live Register, nor those who are leaving our education system.

“Government inaction to address unemployment is largely being shrouded by emigration, but today’s figures highlight the gross haemorrhaging of people that will further stunt Ireland’s economic recovery as thousands of skilled and qualified people leave our shores to take up employment elsewhere.

“Economic recovery is being stifled by the withdrawal in public investment. While stimulus packages are being prepared elsewhere, this Government is embarking upon harsh austerity measures that are crippling the domestic economy, the economy that provides jobs.

“The ESRI advocates shifting resources from spending on infrastructure towards aiding the unemployed to retrain and find new jobs, but Sinn Féin hold the view that resources need to be put into both of these activities; investment in infrastructure will create jobs for people on public works projects, while training programmes will equip people with the necessary skills needed in the economy.

“This Government needs to realise that behind these figures are real people, families and communities, who cannot wait any longer for the Government to intervene to create jobs. What the people need now is not job announcements but jobs. The blueprint for job creation is there in the various policy documents presented to the Government by my party in the last two years.”

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