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PPS needs immediate reform following Crossan re0offending….again.

1 September, 2010

Sinn Féin MLA for West Belfast has called for the PPS to be immediately reformed following, once again, the conviction of Patrick Crossan in court. Patrick Crossan was released in September of last year following his involvement in the murder of Harry Holland.

Speaking today Mr Maskey said:

“Once again Patrick Crossan, a habitual offender has been appeared in court for eight separate offences. The community of West Belfast are very angry that he was at liberty to re-offend following his involvement in the murder of local man, Harry Holland.

“All those who spoke against Patrick Crossan’s early release, including the family of Harry Holland, whom I am sure will be very upset by this news, have been vindicated.

“At the time serious questions were asked about how a serial offender could be released on bail countless times, and then released once again following his conviction, only after serving months of a four year sentence.

“It once again highlights the seriousness of the situation that many people face when dealing with the PPS and DPP.

“There now exists the opportunity to reform immediately these organisations following the devolution of policing and justice to the Assembly. To do any less would be a serious dereliction of duty to the victims of repeat offenders like Patrick Crossan.”

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