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McLaughlin accuses DUP Ministers of fiscal irresponsibility

13 September, 2010

Sinn Féin Economy Spokesperson, Mitchel McLaughlin has advised Finance Minister, Sammy Wilson to look to his own Party Ministers when looking for efficiency savings instead of subserviently accepting cuts imposed by the British Treasury.

Speaking in the aftermath of Sammy Wilson’s comment in the context of expected British Government proposed cuts to public services that ‘There are irresponsible voices out there at present, within the whole political sphere, some who are simply ignoring the reality …… ‘ Mitchel McLaughlin said:

“It’s possible that Mr. Wilson was actually referring to his Party colleague Edwin Poots, who scuppered the Reform of Public Administration which would have saved over £400 million over 25 years or his Party colleague who are blocking the implementation by Caitríona Ruane of ESA, the single education authority which would save tens of millions of pounds annually which could be used for building new schools and other front line services.

“So before Sammy surrenders to the demands of the British Tory agenda of Public Service cuts he should have a word with his Party colleagues who have squandered hundreds of millions through their obstinate stance on anything that doesn’t fit in with their narrow political agenda.

“Sammy Wilson no more than anybody else knows the detail of what is going to be announced by the British government on the 22nd October.

“Certainly, Sinn Fein are of the view that we should anticipate the probability that the British government will attempt to introduce cuts, but we shouldn’t simply surrender or offer ourselves meekly to implement those cuts.

“We need to be investing in recovery, not slashing and burning. You cannot cut your way to recovery. What you need to do is revitalise the economy, you need to invest in development and the only way we can do that is by, getting the resources, demanding fiscal powers for the Assembly, acquiring the tools in our tool kit that will give us the opportunity to rebalance our economy.” CRÍOCH

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