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EU and IMF should be told to “get lost” – McDonald

18 November, 2010

Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald has said the Government should grow a backbone, stand up for the national interest and tell the EU and the IMF to get lost.

Speaking today Ms McDonald said:

“Even now, at this late stage, with the vultures at the door, the Government must change course. It should burn the bondholders in Anglo and wind it up and nationalise AIB and BoI.

“This Government must suspend the Budget, immediately publish its four-year plan, and go to the people in a General Election to seek a mandate.

“Having destroyed the economy, this disastrous Government is now putting this state and the welfare of our people at the mercy of foreign interests.

“This is an utterly shameful position for any Government. They have betrayed this country and betrayed the people.

“It is about time they found a bit of backbone and started to stand up for the national interest.

“The Irish people do not need outsiders coming in here dictating how we should run our affairs.

“These officials from the EU and IMF and any other vultures circling around this country should be told to get lost.

“Let’s be clear, any EU bailout is not about bailing out taxpayers, citizens or mortgage holders. It is about bailing out the banks.

“The reason an EU bailout is now on the table at all is because this Government insists on pursuing its misguided bank bailout policy, including the zombie Anglo Irish Bank.

“The money for any EU bail-out will have to be repaid and it’s ordinary taxpayers who will end up paying for this.

“In relation to the IMF, people out there need to understand what these people would do once they are let inside the door. If you want to know, just look at Latvia or Greece.

“The history of IMF bailouts in other countries is mass privatization of vital public services and huge unemployment. Hundreds if not thousands of teaching and nursing positions would be in jeopardy crippling our public services.” ENDS

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