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Sinn Féin offers only real alternative — Adams

16 December, 2010

Speaking in Cork today Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said:

“Sinn Féin now offers the only real alternative to the failed conservative political consensus.

“A real programme of recovery needs to be underpinned by a number of broad principles:

·      Regeneration of the economy

·      Root and branch political reform aimed at producing a genuine republican form of Government which ends the notion of political elites and empowers Irish citizens

·      The proper use of Ireland’s natural resources for the common good

·      The protection and creation of jobs

·      Ending the two-tier health and education systems

·      Continued support for the Peace Process, the Good Friday Agreement and further outreach to the unionist community

“Obviously the political focus right now is on the disastrous policies of this Government.

“The Budget, cuts to social welfare and the minimum wage, the IMF/EU bank bailout — all would have been rejected by the people if they had their say.

“We need a General Election. But let nobody think that Fine Gael or Labour offer any kind of alternative.

“Both these parties are committed to implementing the Government’s cuts agenda. Both want to sack thousands of public sector workers.

“Only Sinn Féin proposes a better, fairer way to reduce the deficit and deal with the banks.

“Our alternative seeks to stimulate the economy, protect and create jobs and reform the tax system.

“We say any cuts should be targeted at the top of society — beginning with the salaries of Government Ministers, TDs, Senators and top civil servants.

“Here in Cork and throughout the state, people are responding in growing numbers to Sinn Féin’s message that there is a better way.”


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