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Health Minister must show that he is competent and protect front line services.

13 January, 2011 - by Michelle O'Neill


Sinn Féin MLA and vice chair of the Health Committee has slammed the Health Minister for producing a draft budget that will see front line services attacked.


Speaking following comments from health department officials Ms O’Neill said:


“Recently we are seeing anybody but the Minister coming forward to comment on health department related issues. The Minister has been invisible on dealing with swine flu and now we have officials from his department at the Health Committee, and not the Minister, telling us of job losses that will affect the most vulnerable in society the most.


“It clearly seems as if very little work has gone on to identify true effeciency savings in order to address budgetary shortfalls. Instead what we are seeing are Tory inspired cuts under a Tory aligned Minister.


“Micheal McGimpsey previously said he would protect frontline services however as his department officials are stating that there will be 4,000 job losses over four years the Minister must come clean. Which jobs is he targeting and in what areas?


“He has the lions share of the budget allocated between departments in the Executive. How he manages this will ultimately reflect on the Ministers ability to deliver an effective and efficient health service.”

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