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Tragically predictable - politics as usual with passing of Finance Bill – Doherty

26 January, 2011 - by Pearse Doherty TD

Commenting after today’s vote on the Finance Bill, Sinn Féin’s Finance Spokesperson Pearse Doherty said, tragically it was politics as usual as evidenced by the Independent’s guessing game of which way the would vote, and the eventual passing of the Finance Bill.

He said:

“Fine Gael and Labour side-stepped and double talked and confused even themselves – trying to pass off their support for the Finance Bill as a protest vote.

“Then the Independents joined the fray – shadow boxing with tough talk and veiled threats - and getting the high media coverage they craved.

“The passing of the Finance Bill is not in the national interest - the bill is in the interest of the IMF and EU who have come to Ireland and are dictating our sovereign fiscal matters. The loan which the bill is tied to is not to pay public servants’ wages as the Labour party falsely claims - it is to pay out to international bank bondholders, bondholders who took a risk in our risky banks and now, to the incredulity of the whole world, are receiving a full bail out with the aid of the EU/IMF, the Irish taxpayers, FF, FG, the Greens and the Labour party, rather than taking their market losses.

“It is bank debt, not sovereign debt. Eamonn Gilmore in facilitating the passage of the Finance Bill is guilty of the very thing he accuses the Taoiseach of - economic treason.

“It is outrageous how the pantomime involving three TDs and the question of which way they would vote was played out. This kind of charade of politics has become so tragically predictable.

“A cosy last minute talk with the Finance Minister, Brian Lennihan saved the day - in the ‘national interest’, of course. But the Irish people know the real reason for their acquiescence. It’s all about saving their seats. Politics as usual.” ENDS

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