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Kelly - IMC is little more than a British tool to attack Sinn Féin

15 April, 2004

Commenting on the issuing of a report by the Independent Monitoring Commission to the governments, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Policing and Justice issues Gerry Kelly said that the IMC was little more than 'a British tool to be used in an attempt to put pressure on Sinn Féin'.

Mr Kelly said:

"The IMC is no more than a smokescreen to be used by the British government to provide cover for any attempt at exclusion in the future. That is what today's report is about. That is why the British government demanded that it was completed well ahead of the planned schedule and significantly only days before proposed talks in London involving all the political parties.

" The issuing of this report is politically motivated and is an attempt to disadvantage Sinn Fein in the imminent talks. The British government has refused to implement the recommendation of the Cory Report to hold an inquiry into the killing of Pat Finucane on the basis that it would be prejudicial to the trial of a man charged with his murder. In contrast the British government have demanded and received a report from the IMC on an incident involving Bobby Tohill despite the fact that a number of men are facing charges relating to that matter. Presumably this report will now be made public. The double standards in operation are blatant. The British government writes the rules to suit its own strategic interests.

" The IMC is not independent, is outside the terms of the Good Friday Agreement and has no positive role to play." ENDS

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