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Doolan demands that City Development Plan must prohibit incineration

17 April, 2004

Sinn Féin Representative for Dublin South East Daithí Doolan speaking with community groups in Dublin's inner city has called on the City Council to ensure that the proposed City Development Plan, "prohibits any incinerator to be built on the Poolbeg Peninsula, Ringsend. The City Development Plan gives us all a unique opportunity to ensure that Dublin will continue to grow in a sustainable manner. Incineration has no part to play in a sustainable, healthy future for the capital. This plan must underline this."

Mr. Doolan outlined his party's proposals:

"The plan will guide the development of the city from 2005 to 2011. As part of the process we made a comprehensive submission to the Development Plan. It is a wide ranging submission with a focus on housing, the environment , waste management and community sustainability. While other party‚s may make some amendments Sinn Féin has compiled a detailed submission. We are proposing:

  • Housing as a right. The plan must tackle the need for affordable housing. Provide adequate City Council housing and regulate the private rented sector.
  • No incineration but a waste management plan that is based on tackling our waste crisis at source aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling.
  • Communities to be central to any development in the city. No longer should communities have solutions forced on them. Communities must be strengthened, resourced and supported in tackling the problems they face.

Sinn Féin believes that these are the issues that people are concerned about and these are the issues that need to be addressed. But any plan is only as good as the process engaged in compiling it. This plan must be accessible to all who live in this city of ours. It can not be allowed to become so dust gathering document, for too long City Management have engaged in fanciful processes only to produce a report or document that further alienated the public. This can not be allowed to happen with this plan. Sinn Féin will make sure it does not happen, we aim to be the engine that drives this plan."

Mr. Doolan concluded by demanding that any agreed development plan, "is adequately resourced by the government to allow it to evolve and provide for a changing Dublin." ENDS

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