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McCann –Device has caused massive disruption

15 March, 2011 - by Fra McCann

Sinn Féin MLA for West Belfast, Fra McCann, along with local Councillor Jim McVeigh, have visited the Ardmoulin Place, in the Divis Area area which has been severely disrupted by the discovery of a suspicious object.

Speaking earlier Mr McCann said:

“The disruption to this community is wholly unacceptable. This device has caused families to be moved from their homes, the local community center to close and two funerals have had to be moved from St Peter’s Cathedral to St Pauls chapel.

“Alongside this the comings and goings for schools and people traveling to work have also been affected.

“Whoever has left this device needs to stop attacking this community. The people living here, who spend their lives within the local area, do not want this disruption nor any type of attack happening.

“This community has suffered in the past but is working hard to move on. It’s high time others who think that they have something to offer by forcing people to leave their homes and getting community centers and chapels closed realised that they are not welcome.”

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