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Pipe Bomb Attack in Whitewell: Cllr Lavery Demands Unionist Politicians Take Action

22 April, 2004

Following the discovery of a pipe bomb at the home of a nationalist family in the Whitewell area of Belfast, Sinn Féin councilor Danny Lavery has 'demanded that unionist councilors take action to bring these attacks to an end'. The pipe bomb, which was filled with shot gun pellets was left outside the home early Thursday morning and was discovered by the homeowner on his way to work. No one was injured in the attack.

Cllr Lavery said:

'This was a very serious attack which could have resulted in serious injury or loss of life.This family is lucky to have escaped unharmed. They were attacked for no other reason than they are nationalists.

'At a time when unionists are attacking Sinn Féin over spurious allegations of IRA violence they appear to have little to say about serious attacks by unionist paramilitaries against nationalist families.

'I am demanding that unionist politicians do more to bring such attacks to an end. Sinn Féin is working hard at the interfaces across north Belfast to ensure that we have a calm and peaceful summer. To succeed we need our unionist counterparts to do the same.' ENDS

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