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Non-farming Rural Dwellers Rights Must be Upheld in PPS 21 Review

28 June, 2011

Sinn Féin Planning Spokesperson Cathal Boylan says that the in the long awaited review of Rural Planning Policy PPS 21 the ‘unfinished business’ of non-farming rural dwellers must be addressed.
Mr Boylan,
“Through the Assembly’s Environment Committee, Sinn Féin has been demanding an early review of Planning Statement 21 so as to deal with several key issues which were not fully dealt with when this policy was introduced to undo the damage that of the draconian Planning Policy PPS14 which had been imposed under Direct Rule.
“While Sinn Féin acknowledged that PPS 21 represented a major step forward on most of the issues that we were campaigning on we were nonetheless critical that the key areas such as Farm Clustering and the rights of Non Farming Rural Dwellers were not addressed in the policy.
“So I am particularly pleased that this unfinished business is now going to be addressed in the review. The previous PPS stipulated that new buildings situated on farms had to be visually linked to the existing farm buildings – this was obviously problematic for rural people as it is not always suitable for health and other reasons to build dwelling houses beside farm buildings.
“In addition people living in rural areas but not engaged in farming activities were somewhat neglected in the former policy in terms of opportunities to build. I am glad that this review will give the opportunity to address all of these anomalies as they particularly affect families in rural areas.” ENDS

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