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Sinn Féin Will Continue To Oppose IMC

28 April, 2004

Commenting on the actions of the British government in pressing ahead with the recommended discriminatory sanctions against Sinn Féin, Assembly Group leader Conor Murphy said that his party would continue to oppose the IMC, its role and its negative influence over the peace process.

Mr Murphy said:

" It is time people stopped pretending that the IMC is anything other than a proxy for the securocrats. The securocrats wrote the script and the IMC delivered it. Sinn Féin predicted that this would happen at the time when others enthusiastically welcomed it and some acquiesced to it.

" The IMC has no part of the Good Friday Agreement and it like the British government have no mandate to discriminate against political parties in Ireland. Sinn Féin is the third largest party in Ireland and the largest nationalist party in the six counties. We will continue to resist attempts by the British government to discriminate against our party and our electorate.

" At a time when the British government continues to block an inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane it is worth reflecting on the fact that the individuals who provided the information for the IMC Report are the very same people within the Special Branch and other British agencies who for years planned and operated the collusion policy." ENDS

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