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Pension age change will lead to further hardship - Brady

13 October, 2011 - by Mickey Brady, Seán Lynch

Sinn Féin MLA and spokesperson on welfare, Mickey Brady, has stated that changes to state pension age will see elderly people, but in particular women, facing further hardship and not qualifying for winter fuel payments placing their health in jeopardy.

Speaking today following the Social Development Committee Mr Brady said: 

“The incoming changes to the state pension age will see many elderly people, but in particular elderly women,  being disadvantaged and facing further hardship. 

“The change in the date for the age of becoming an pensioner has now been brought forward from 2020 to 2018. This has meant that despite state pensions being a contributory benefit, one in which people have paid for all their working lives, the can be denied two years payment. 

“It also leaves many of our elderly facing the possibility of not being able to qualify for vital winter fuel payments. 

“The British government cites the changes being part and parcel of people living longer but they disregard that they are now punishing our elderly giving them a poorer quality of life with reduced income, increased stress and greater chance of related illnesses from having to choose whether to eat or heat.” 

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