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Policing bill cannot be distanced from Orange Orders failure to dialogue - Kelly

14 October, 2011 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA for North Belfast, Gerry Kelly, said there is a simple solution to the staggering £6 million bill for policing of parades in a five month period this summer and that is dialogue.

Speaking today Mr Kelly said:

“Dialogue is the simple solution to what is basically just a small number of parades out of over 3,000 that take place each year yet the only group who have not stepped up to the mark are the the Orange Order

“With almost 70% of parades being from the loyal orders there is an onus for them to resolve those with which there are difficulties. 

“The agreement over the future of parading reached last year at the Executive produced a legislative way forward however, yet again, the Orange Order blocked its acceptance.

 “Since the start of the peace process the Orange Order has failed to play a positive and constructive role in moving our society forward and showing leadership. This policing bill cannot be distanced from that failure.

“There is a huge number of parades that take place each year and they cause no offence and very little cost. If everyone sits down round the table on an equal basis then these few contentious parades can be resolved if there is a will there to do it.”

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