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Minister for Transport must clarify consequences of capital expenditure cuts – Ellis

8 November, 2011

Sinn Féin spokesperson on transport Dessie Ellis TD has called on the Minister of Transport Leo Varadkar to clarify what the cut of €750 million in capital expenditure will mean to workers in the Rail Procurement Agency and National Transport Authority.

The Deputy continued;

“I have received a number of calls and emails from concerned workers who feel that these cuts and the Minister’s recent comments about the abandoning of capital projects mean that their jobs are at risk. They are very worried that the RPA will be transferred to the NTA in name and responsibility only and it will be used as a veil to lay off workers.

“The Minister said recently that no major capital projects would be pursued by the government and it is known that major cuts are planned for the capital expenditure budget by the Fine Gael/Labour government.

“Not only does this mean there will be no job stimulus through Metro North or other projects but now we have the added worry of job insecurity for those currently working.

“The Minister needs to set these peoples’ minds at ease and make a clear declaration that he aims to invest in jobs and not put more people on the dole queue.”

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