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Sinn Féin proposes €7 billion stimulus package

15 November, 2011

Speaking at the launch of the Sinn Féin, pre-budget submission in Dublin this morning, the party’s enterprise spokesperson Peadar Tóibín TD said:  “At what stage will the government accept that there policies are not working? We have 430,000 people signing on the register and 76,000 emigrated in the last year. We have 78,000 young people on the register.

“Europe is on the brink of a further recession which will disproportionately impact on our economy.

“And yet this government continues to pursue the failed policies of austerity for some while handing out millions to the bondholders. This government was elected on the basis of delivering change. They have failed and our people are paying the price.

“What is required is a new approach with a focus on investment, jobs and economic growth, an approach that will benefit all in society.

“Sinn Féin proposes to create a fund that will stimulate the economy and create jobs through the use of savings in the public sector, the implementation of a fair tax system and use of the national pension fund and European Investment Bank.

“Today we have set out proposals to develop and implement a €7 billion stimulus package.

“We would reinstate the capital projects blocked by the government last week and in addition bring forward an investment programme targeted at schools, health, energy and broadband to enhance our national competitiveness and create immediate employment.

“We will develop a job retention programme to safe guard existing employment and a targeted approach to matching the needs of employers to the skills of the unemployed.

“In addition we would seek to incentivise the pension industry to invest in this state and develop a €5 billion investment in retro fitting of insulation in housing to deliver jobs and reduce costs to families.

“This government has choices to make. It can continue to follow the lead of Fainna Fáil or it set a new way forward.

“We have showed that a different approach is possible that can deliver growth and employment. We hope that the government will look at our proposals and work with us to deliver the best for all our people.” ENDS

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