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Maskey welcomes west Belfast jobs boost

25 November, 2011

Sinn Féin MP for West Belfast has welcomed the jobs boost by Andor Technologies, located on the Springfield Road, which will see an extra 166 jobs created by the company.

Speaking today Mr Maskey said:

“This is a very welcome boost to the local economy by a world leader in technological development. Andor Technologies began in a small unit with a small work force in 1989, and now through hard work and foresight, can look forward to building its work force by 166 jobs. I want to thank all those involved that made this happen, this is a great news story for west Belfast”.

“Andor Technologies will end up employing over 350 people in West Belfast and around 500 people world wide.

“This has been possible through the total investment of  £18m with Invest NI bringing £1.5m to this project.

“We look forward to Invest NI identifying similar projects which have the ability for significant job creation opportunities in West Belfast, an area that has seen a lack of direct investment over the years.

“What today’s announcement highlights is that despite a global recession there is the capacity to grow and invest. It is this strategy that is the best way to escape recession and create sustainable long term employment.”

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