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Elections provide oppourtunity to send British clear message

16 May, 2004

Sinn Féin Six County EU candidate Bairbre de Brún has said that in the forthcoming elections 'it is crucial that people across the island send a strong message to the British government that the stalling must end, the suspension of the institutions must be lifted and the Good Friday Agreement implemented in full'.

Ms de Brún said:

"This month marks the sixth anniversery of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. Those of us who negotiated that Agreement and the hundreds of thousands of people throughout Ireland who voted in support of it expected that much more progress would have been made by now.

"After the forthcoming elections there will without doubt be another series of political negotiations. It is vital that people send the British government in particular a very clear message that the stalling has to stop, that suspension of the institutions must be lifted and the Agreement must be implemented in full.

"Sinn Féin will return to those negotiations determined that the promise of the Good Friday Agreement is delivered. Determined that people's basic rights and entilements are secured. Determined that the British government honour its outstanding obligations on policing, justice, human rights, equality and demilitarisation and that the Irish government become a forceful defender of the Agreement in the face of ongoing attempts by the opponents of change within the British system and the unionist parties to sideline the Agreement and return to the days of second class citizenship and domination.

"The elections across the island provide an opportunity for people to strengthen our negotiating hand as we seek to overcome the obstacles being placed in the way of a new and better future and seek to build on the progress we have made in delivering the sort of peaceful society we are determined to build." ENDS

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