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Government attempting to avoid referendum on austerity treaty – Adams

20 January, 2012 - by Gerry Adams

Speaking from Tullamore in County Offaly today Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said it is clear that the government is trying to negotiate its way out of a referendum on the Eurozone treaty which was forwarded to the government overnight.

Mr Adams said despite the thumbs up from the Troika yesterday the government’s austerity programme is having a devastating affect across the state.

He said:

“The government knows that a Eurozone Treaty which enshrines harsh austerity measures has little chance of ratification from the Irish people. Rather than fighting the case on behalf of the Irish people it is clear that the government is attempting to bypass the electorate by negotiating its way out of a referendum.

“Despite yesterday’s thumbs up from the Troika, the austerity programme being implemented by the government is having a devastating affect across the state as all economic indicators show.

“Unemployment and emigration continue to soar causing huge distress to the families affected. The comments from Minister Noonan yesterday regarding emigration have caused huge hurt particularly as his government’s policies are compounding the problem rather than relieving it.

“It is high time this government began standing up for the Irish people rather than capitulating to the diktats from Europe.” ENDS

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