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Action Needed Now to Save Palestinian Hungerstriker

13 February, 2012

Sinn Féin MLA Pat Sheehan has called for immediate action by Israeli authorities to save the life of Palestinian Political Prisoner Khader Adnan.

Speaking after an appeal was issued by Amnesty International on Israel to either charge or release Mr Adnan before it is too late.

Mr Sheehan said,

“The case of Khaled Adnan is one that humanity cannot ignore. Mr Adnan has been detained without charge by Israeli authorities using draconian powers that can allow for him indefinite imprisonment without any due process in law.

“This is an abuse of human rights that is bad enough but we are hearing that Mr Adnan’s life is in serious danger due to the effects of a hunger strike he has embarked on in protest at his detention without trial.

“Mr Adnan was arrested by Israeli forces in the West Bank on December 17th and given a 4 months detention order by a military court on January 10th.

“It is time that the Israeli authorities demonstrated a commitment to humanitarian and international judicial standards. They must accept responsibility for the well-being of Mr Adnan who is in their custody.

“I am happy to endorse the call by Amnesty International to the Israeli authorities to act now to save Mr Adnaan’s life.

“Imprisonment without trial is wrong and allowing a prisoner to die on hunger strike is an affront to humanity.”


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