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Badger baiting needs to stop

14 March, 2012

Sinn Féin MLA Michaela Boyle has said that more needs to be done to stop the practice of badger baiting.

Speaking after a comprehensive report by the RSPCA on badger baiting Ms Boyle said,

“The practice of badger baiting is both cruel and threatening to the rural environment and should be stopped immediately.

“Not only is it cruel to the badgers but also to the dogs that are used to go into the setts.  Many dogs receive severe injuries and badgers suffer a horrendous death.

 “This report highlights the fact that this practice is more widespread than previously thought so it is important that we implement measures to stop the cruelty.

‘This practice is illegal and I am calling on the PSNI to ensure that more people involved in the practice is brought before the court.  It is important that the people found guilty of such cruelty are given an appropriate punishment and are forbidden from keeping dogs in future.

“While I understand the concerns of farmers towards badgers and their livestock it is important that they work with the Department of Agriculture in lessen the perceived threat."

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