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Adams meets US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

21 March, 2012 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD and the party’s representative in North America Rita O Hare this morning met US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.
The discussions ranged across the state of the economies north and south, including the severe cuts to the block grant imposed by the British government; the transfer of fiscal powers from London to Belfast; outstanding issues arising from the Good Friday Agreement and the need for greater co-operation and harmonisation north and south.

They also spoke about the role of the Irish diaspora, voting in Irish Presidential elections for Irish passport holders living abroad, and the upcoming Constitutional Convention being organised by the Irish government.

Speaking after the meeting which he described as “very helpful and informative” the Sinn Féin leader said:

“Secretary of State Clinton is very well informed on developments in Ireland and understands the importance of continuing to invest in and manage the peace process.

“I expressed to her my concerns at the failure of the British government to engage properly with the process and in particular its recent cuts to the block grant used to fund the north.

“This doesn’t make sense. The north is coming out of a long period of low investment and conflict. It is vital that citizens, especially those who have been disadvantaged as a result of decades of discrimination and violence, experience a qualitative improvement in their daily lives. The British government’s approach is the opposite of this and despite the commendable efforts of the Executive the recent cuts to the block grant will inevitably have an impact on the provision of public services and investment.”

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