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Cookstown Council Chairman's house attacked

25 May, 2004

The home of Sinn Féin Councillor John Mc Namee was the target of an attack last night when part of a paving slab was hurled through his front living room window.

This is the latest in a long history of attacks on Councillor Mc Namee's home.

Councillor McNamee said

"Last nights attack will not deter me from continuing my work as a Sinn Féin representative nor will it deflect my focus on the last two weeks as Chairman of Cookstown District Council"."This incident is just one of a number of attacks on my home. A large lump of paving slab was thrown through the window covering the room in glass. Had it have been earlier in the evening it could have killed one of my children who would have been in the room. This was a deliberate attack and reflects a growing rise in threats and attacks on Sinn Féin members across the north. Only last week we had a bomb device at a members home in Ballymena.

Over the past year I have represented the council in a fair manner and sought to work for the whole community within the District. Unfortunately there are those within our town who can not see that the future means living together, free from this type of sectarian harassment and intimidation. It is time they woke up to the fact that everyone else is moving forward, Republicans will be central to the changes for a better society and we will not be going back to the days where nationalists were second class citizens.

The NIO and the PSNI need to get off the agenda that it is Republicans who present a threat to the peace process when clearly unionist paramilitaries are continuing to target, threaten and attack our members." ENDS

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