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Fianna Fáil support for Austerity Treaty "to be expected": Reilly

17 April, 2012

The Sinn Féin EU spokesperson Senator Kathryn Reilly has said that Michael Martin’s defence of the Austerity Treaty is “to be expected”.

Senator Reilly said:

“Michael Martin is the leader of the party that destroyed the Irish economy. It is also the party that has supported the Fine Gael/Labour austerity approach because it is a mere continuation of their own failed policies. It is therefore no surprise that Deputy Martin pledged his support to the Austerity Treaty which would hard-wire Fianna Fail’s policies into the Constitution.

“There were no positive arguments coming from Deputy Martin or from the Labour Party and Fine Gael today.  All we had was the same old scaremongering about the ESM.

“Responding to my questions today Deputy Martin said there is nothing new in this Treaty, as if ceding huge fiscal powers to the European Commission and ECB were not of major importance to our economic future and to Irish sovereignty. Of course, Fianna Fáil is content to see their policies enshrined into basic law but those opposed to the Fianna Fáil policies that led to the current levels of unemployment and emigration should reject this approach and look for pact that actually would bring about growth and job creation.”

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