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PSNI gun incident could have been disastrous - Gerry Kelly

18 April, 2012 - by Gerry Kelly

North Belfast Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly said that an inquiry into a PSNI member leaving a weapon behind in a child’s bedroom during a house search yesterday should be short and sharp with results to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The Sinn Féin policing spokesperson said:

“It is clearly of great concern that a member of the PSNI left a weapon in a child’s bedroom during a house search yesterday. Surely basic training dictates that weapons should not be removed unless off duty.

“Leaving a loaded weapon anywhere is obviously a danger to members of the public but to leave it in a child’s bedroom is of even more concern and the consequences could have been disastrous for the family involved.

“I welcome the fact that there will be an inquiry into this incident and questions answered. The inquiry should be short and sharp with actions resulting so the public are reassured that an incident like this will not happen again.

“I will be raising the issue at the Policing Board.”

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