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Mobile Phone Companies Must Honour Contracts

24 April, 2012 - by Oliver McMullan

Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has said that mobile phone companies must honour their contracts or release customers from theirs without occurring a penalty.

Mr. McMullan speaking after a phone mast operated by T Mobile, Orange and Virgin stopped transmitting leaving customers in the Glenariffe area without a signal said.

“Many people rely on their mobile phone and this mast was closed down without any prior notice leaving many people especially the elderly in distress.  A service that allows elderly people to push an emergency button that would transmit to a family member or neighbour has been disabled due to the closure.

“The mobile phone networks impose severe penalties on customers who do not adhere to their contracts yet these same companies have broken theirs without even given prior notice.

“I am calling on this mast to be reinstated immediately so that customers can be reconnected or allow their customers to transfer to another provider without any penalty.

“I will be putting a priority question to the Minister in the Assembly asking for help as its not good enough that a large multi national providers can just switch of a mobile network and leave an isolated rural area here in the Glens in a very dangerous situation.”  

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