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Martin McGuinness responds to Cardinal Brady allegations

3 May, 2012

Responding to Tuesday night’s BBC programme on the response of Cardinal Sean Brady in a church investigation into child abuse carried out by Fr. Brendan Smith, Sinn Féin MP Martin McGuinness said:

“Two years ago when this issue first emerged, I described the situation as grave and said that Cardinal Brady should consider his position.

“I think that many Catholics, of which I am one, Catholic priests amongst whom I have many good friends and the public in general will be dismayed at these new allegations.

“Ultimately Cardinal Brady’s response is a matter for himself and the Church, but it is a very grave situation for survivors of abuse, for the Catholic Church and for Catholics across Ireland.

“Cardinal Brady has responded to calls for his resignation by saying he will continue on as leader of Ireland’s Catholics.

“Speaking personally I believe he should reflect on the wisdom of this position which will leave many Catholics wondering whether anything is to be done by the leadership of the Catholic Church to ring the changes which many believe are required at such a sad time for all.” ENDS

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