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SDLP MPs adopt Unionist position

27 May, 2004

South Down Sinn Féin Assembly member Caitriona Ruane has accused the SDLP MPs Eddie McGrady and Seamus Mallon of playing 'little more than a unionist support role in Westminster'.

Ms Ruane said:

"Yesterday once again both Eddie McGrady and Seamus Mallon provided a valuable support role for leading rejectionist unionist David Burnside in Westminster. They rowed in behind Burnside's false allegations about Sinn Féin in contributions littered with typical unionist language.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that both Seamus Mallon and Eddie McGrady are playing little more than a unionist support role in Westminster. Be it in accepting flawed policing legislation, attacking the largest nationalist party in the six counties or defending the role of the IMC in criminalising local nationalist communities both MPs have provided an invaluable support for the rejectionist agenda of the Burnside's and Donaldson's.

"This is a far cry from the days when they claimed to be resident in Westminster to promote and defend nationalist interests. They have now clearly dropped any pretence to be standing up for the rights and entitlements of the nationalist population and have instead adopted a contrary position." ENDS

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