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Government continues to undermine the rights of workers

9 May, 2012

Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley today challenged the government on new provisions in the Protections of Employees (Temporary Agency Staff) Bill. The Bill removes the right of some agency workers to seek parity with similar workers doing the same job and allows the employer to set a new pay terms and conditions.

Deputy Stanley said:

“Some employers use agency workers as low cost replacement for permanent staff. This undermines the rights of both permanent and agency workers.

“The EU brought forward a directive to ensure that agency workers had equal rights and pay with permanent staff. This has forced the government to legislate on this matter. The government claimed that the legislation would guarantee equal treatment for all agency workers, in terms of pay and basic working conditions, with directly recruited workers.

“The government, earlier in the legislative process, provided a loop hole that excluded one section of agency workers from the safeguards of the Bill. Today the government introduced provisions that will mean that the agency worker may not be entitled to equality with an existing employee and may have different pay, terms and conditions set by the employer.

“Through the passage of this Bill the Fine Gael Minister has sought to undermine the rights and entitlements set by Europe. It is a shame that the Labour party has supported him every step of the way in this project.”


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