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Sinn Féin congratulates Vita Cortex workers

24 May, 2012

Sinn Féin have congratulated the workers involved in the long running Vita Cortex dispute, and commended them for their resilience.
According to the Sinn Féin spokesperson on Workers’ Rights, David Cullinane, “the Vita Cortex workers have been an inspiration to us all, and have provided a superb example of how ordinary workers can fight for their entitlements.
“As they leave the plant today, on the 161st day of their occupation, I wish to commend the Vita Cortex workers for the way they have conducted themselves, and for what has been an impressive and remarkable campaign.
“They not only enlisted the support of countless celebrities and well known personalities such as Alex Ferguson and Noam Chomsky, they captured the imagination of the Irish public, which was behind them every step of the way. The workers only wanted what they were entitled to and what the employer had already committed to giving them. Sinn Féin is pleased to see that justice is done.”
The Waterford senator added that he hoped the government would learn from the Vita Cortex dispute
“The Vita Cortex workers difficulties in getting what was due to them contain a very clear message for the Government; we need legislation. Recent months have seen unprecedented amounts of redundancy disputes, including Lagan Brick, Game, La Senza and EBSCO.”
“Sinn Féin some weeks ago brought forward a bill to protect workers who had been made redundant, yet they voted it down. There is an onus on them to produce legislation, and it is up to them to ensure that no other workers have to go through what the Vita Cortex Workers went through.”

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