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Government of Inequality confirmed by Martin Cullen

2 June, 2004

Sinn Féin candidate for South East Daithí Doolan speaking while canvassing on Pearse Street this evening said that today's comments by Minister Martin Cullen have exposed the reality that this Government is diametrically opposed to equality in Irish society. Mr. Doolan said:

„Recent comments by the Minister for Justice Michael McDowell and his side-kick Willie O‚Dea and today‚s rant by the Minister for the Environment, Martin Cullen, have exposed the reality that this Government is diametrically opposed to equality in Irish society and that the Environment Minister does not know what he is talking about.

"If Minister Cullen had read the Sinn Féinn manifesto he would see that far from calling for withdrawl from the euro, Sinn Fein supports the adoption of the euro in the Six Counties as part of the creation of an all-Ireland economy.

"In relation to the impact of low tax and free trade policies, the European Anti Poverty Network has said that the European Social Model is „under attack with a deepening divide between public and private services in areas like health, education and housing. This has led to growing levels of poverty and inequality.‰ Minister Cullen also ignores the rising numbers of working poor in Ireland. This Government believes that anyone living in poverty in Ireland is just lazy and this is completely untrue. 20% of households living in poverty are headed by people who are working, and the vast majority of other such households are pensioners, the disabled, or otherwise out of the workforce. These people need assistance, not Government press releases telling them to get a job.

"Has Minister Cullen even read the Sinn Féin Manifesto? Does he have the slightest understanding of basic economic and European issues? Is he aware of what is going on in Ireland or is he too busy crippling working families with unfair double taxes like the bin charges while backing away from taking on the manufacturers who produce packaging? Is he too busy kow-towing to his developer friends to see increasing levels of homelessness in Dublin?

If Minister Cullen wants a real debate might I suggest he reads policy documents before talking any more nonsense."ENDS

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