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Opportunity for Irish Medium Enterprises - Mac Giolla Mhín

3 July, 2012

Belfast City Council last night agreed to become a partner in a £1.175m project which aims to improve the effectiveness of public agencies in their support of Irish medium and Scots Gaelic enterprises. 

Sinn Féin's Upper Falls Councillor and Council party spokesperson for Irish language initiatives, Caoimhín Mac Giolla Mhín welcomed the decision. 

"Despite attempts by Unionist and Alliance Councillors to delay and potentially lose the funding for this project, enough members were present to support this fantastic opportunity."

"It is difficult to understand why Alliance and Unionist parties would want to have no part in such an entrepreneurial project, other than the fact that it will assist and support Irish medium and Scots Gaelic enterprise, which is quite disappointing," said the Sinn Féin councillor.

"This inter regional project has secured 100% European funding and will be delivered across the nine counties of Ulster and beyond and will work in partnership with projects in Western Scotland and the Western Islands of Scotland."

"The project will focus on the growth sectors of media, cultural tourism and social enterprise developing a strategy and a plan for future collaboration between responsible agencies, thus raising the ambition of enterprises in the different regions," Caoimhín continued.

"This initiative will provide employment and in the long run will offer practical assistance to emerging and existing Irish medium and Scots Gaelic enterprises.

"I am aware of all the partners involved and all have the capacity to develop something significant for the future of the above growth sectors," Caoimhín added.

"It is a first for Belfast City Council to play an important role in developing the Irish medium entrepreneurial sector, albeit using European provided resources." 

"Each of the partners have a wealth of experience in identifying the gaps and focusing on the future roles of the responsible agencies in ensuring that Irish medium and Scots Gaelic enterprises avail of support to enable them to grow," Caoimhín concluded.

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