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Parades Commission determination on Ardoyne makes the situation worse – Gerry Kelly

6 July, 2012

Sinn Féin MLA for North Belfast Gerry Kelly said the Parades Commission determination for Ardoyne on July 12th has made the situation worse.

Gerry Kelly said:
“This determination is not a resolution but actually has the potential to make the situation worse. What the residents called for was that there be no unwanted loyalist parades marching through the nationalist areas of Ardoyne, Mountainview and the Dales.

“The Commission has allowed these unwanted parades and also a GARC parade so the residents now face three parades on the 12th July.What the Parades Commision has done is to actually make the situation worse.

“There is a need for dialogue around this issue but once again the Orange Order has been rewarded for refusing to engage in meaningful talks to reach a resolution. It is well past the time that the Orange Order played its role in moving our society forward and showed the leadership required.”

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