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Sinn Féin welcome Bloody Sunday announcement

6 July, 2012

Sinn Féin Justice Spokesperson, Raymond McCartney MLA (Foyle) has welcomed the announcement of a Police investigation into the Bloody Sunday murders.

Raymond McCartney said:

“Following the revelations at the Saville Inquiry and the acceptance by British Prime Minister, David Cameron that the killings were ‘unjustified and unjustifiable’ today’s development comes as no surprise.

“Sinn Féin from the outset has maintained solidarity with the families and, while all of them are not of one voice as to the final outcome that they want, there is general agreement that the process must be allowed to run its course.

“Matt Baggott today outlined the resources required, the procedure which will now be followed and the expected duration of the investigation.

I hope that once initiated that the British government and its agencies cooperate fully and that we don’t have a repeat of the interference, prevarication and destroying of evidence that we witnessed during the Saville Inquiry.

“Sinn Féin will continue to offer whatever support is required by the families until the conclusion of the investigation.”

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