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Home Heating Oil Tanks Should to Be Secured

3 September, 2012

Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has called on householders to ensure that their oil tanks are secure as we move into the winter.

Mr. McMullan said, 

“Last year we seen a huge rise in the number of thefts of home heating oil from domestic properties as the increasing price of oil has made it an attractive item for unscrupulous thieves.

 “The victims of this crime suffer a large financial loss, many of whom cannot afford to replace the stolen oil and therefore become vulnerable to the cold weather. 

“As we approach autumn and winter more and more people will be filling their tanks up again so it is important that they are properly secured. 

“The oncoming shortening of daylight hours also provides thieves with extra cover as they go about their criminal activities so I would urge people to secure their tanks with with a strong lock and place them in a spot that will make unauthorised access difficult.

“The PSNI have informed me that they have a leaflet with information on how best to protect your home heating oil so I would encourage people to contact their local crime prevention officer if they need further assistance.”  

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