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Adams calls for release of Marian Price

6 November, 2012 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD and Deputy First Minister Martin
McGuinness MP MLA have written a joint letter to senior US political
leaders, including Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Congressman
Peter King, who is Chair of the Congressional Friends of Ireland, and
Richard Neal who is the ranking Democrat on the Friends of Ireland
committee, and other senior figures, urging them to raise the case of
Marian Price McGlinchey and to support her release.

Mr Adams, who will be in the US and Canada later this week, pointed out
that: “Mrs Price McGlinchey has been held in virtual solitary
confinement since her arrest in May 2011 and is very ill.
A recent report by a UN doctor has concluded that Mrs Price McGlinchey
is ‘unable to comprehend the allegations being made against her to a
sufficient degree to inform her defence.’

“In a separate report earlier this year a consultant clinical
psychiatrist for the prison service concluded that it was ‘highly
likely’ that she ‘will be unable to fully and effectively participate
in any upcoming legal proceedings due to the inherent level of stress
and demand of such proceedings.’”

The two Sinn Féin leaders have written to the senior political figures
in the US seeking their support for her release and asking that they
lobby the British and Irish governments.

In their letter Mr Adams and Mr McGuinness describe Marian Price
McGlinchey’s imprisonment as “a serious case of injustice and denial
of human rights and judicial rights in the North of Ireland.

“Marian Price McGlinchey has been held in virtual solitary confinement
by the British Government since her arrest in May 2011.
Sinn Féin is very concerned about the manner and conditions in which
Mrs Price McGlinchey has been detained.
“We believe that her detention is unjust and runs contrary to the
principles of natural justice.
“She has been detained without trial on the basis of secret reports by
British intelligence agencies.
Everyone is entitled to due process and to a fair trial. Mrs Price
McGlinchey has been denied this, representing, in our view, a
serious breach of her human rights.

“For the most of this latest period of imprisonment Mrs Price Mc
Glinchey has been held in isolation, firstly at Maghaberry Male
Prison, in the hospital wing at Hydebank Women's Prison and
latterly, in a secure ward in a Belfast hospital.

“In all of these institutions her health has continued to deteriorate.
A number of doctors who have examined Mrs Price McGlinchey have
confirmed that her mental health has suffered greatly and that she
would be unable to participate meaningfully in a ‘review’ of her case…

“We believe very strongly that Marian Price McGlinchey should be
released. Her human rights have been breached. She has been denied
justice and due process. She is seriously ill. Her detention
undermines the justice system and the political process. She clearly
presents no threat to anyone.
I am writing to ask that you use your considerable influence and raise
this case and the release of Marian Price McGlinchey with the British and Irish governments.

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