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Armed groups killing for the sake of killing – Gerry Kelly

12 November, 2012 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA and member of the Policing Board Gerry Kelly said the killing of the the Prison Officer David Black will achieve nothing regardless of what group claimed responsibility for it

Speaking today Mr Kelly said:

“The killing of David Black was wrong and those behind it, no matter what they call themselves, need to realise that their actions are not carried out in the name of the Irish people.

“What did the shooting of David Black achieve other than bring grief and hurt to the Black family. My answer to that is nothing.

“There is no future for armed organisations such as this. They cannot deliver a united Ireland. That is in the hands of the Irish people who have overwhelmingly endorsed the peace process. All these groups can deliver is hurt and anguish.

“These groups need to realise that they cannot derail the peace process and their actions will not resolve anything within the jail or in wider society. They are killing for the sake of killing and should stop immediately.”

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