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Anderson to host major 'Women Leading Social Change' conference in Derry

27 November, 2012 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Anderson to host major 'Women Leading Social Change' conference in Derry

Speaking in advance of a major conference 'Women Leading Social Change' in Derry's Waterfoot Hotel, on Wednesday Martina Anderson MEP has stated that it is intended to shine a spotlight on the progress required throughout Europe to advance gender equality and positive social change. Martina Anderson said: 
"The struggle for women's rights in all areas of life is central to political movements seeking to combat social injustices, generate change, and build inclusive societies.

"Today's dominant neo-liberal economic policies in Europe have particularly severe consequences for women. The majority of people living in poverty are women and many are older women. "The gender pay gap is still, on average, 18% in the European Union with working conditions for women becoming increasingly precarious.

"Therefore it is imperative that women play a prominent role in leading social change. It is particularly obvious when confronted with the figures for elected representatives across Ireland - 15% in Leinster House and 19% in the Assembly - that women are not properly represented. Women represent more than 50% of the population, not 40 or 19 or 15%! This situation is unacceptable. "Women who are struggling throughout Euorpe from cuts in services and low paid jobs need policies and support that target their needs. Women from across society who are subjected to domestic violence need the causes addressed.

"Only by women demanding change and being involved in driving change will change happen. "We have to keep the pressure on and through events and conferences such as this I hope to provide a platform where women can freely discuss how best to achieve the equality to which they are entitled. Everyone welcome!" CRÍOCH

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