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Welcome for passing of historical abuse inquiry bill

11 December, 2012 - by Jennifer McCann

Welcome for passing Sinn Féin MLA and Junior Minister Jennifer McCann has welcomed the passing of the Inquiry into Historical Institutional Abuse by the Assembly today.

The bill enables the office of OFM/DFM to establish, resource and support the inquiry and compel witnesses to give evidence.

The west Belfast MLA said:

“Victims of abuse were robbed of their dignity, their self respect and their childhoods. Whether institutions or the state failed in their obligation of care to children is what this inquiry aims to reveal.

“The inquiry will give victims and survivors the chance to talk about their experiences and for their suffering to be acknowledged.

“It will make recommendations about an apology, a memorial and the requirement or desirability for redress to be provided by institutions and/or the Executive to meet the particular needs of victims.

“Words can not explain the dreadful ordeal these people went through as children so it was crucial that the Bill was passed and done so as soon as possible so that the process of finding the truth can continue.”

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