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Unionists need to show leadership and stop retreating to the trenches - Gerry Kelly

16 December, 2012 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly said Unionism needs to show leadership to those they represent and stop retreating to the trenches of sectarian coat-trailing.

 The North Belfast MLA said:

 "The misrepresentation by Unionist politicians that there is a chipping away at everything British needs nailed for the lie that it is. 

 "Anyone that walks through the City Hall or indeed the surrounding streets of Belfast will realise that we are coming down with symbols representative of Britain's past.

 "We had the same nonsense from Unionists over the marching season when they described a handful of contentious parades as a conspiracy to stop all Orange marches. No mention of the fact that thousands went ahead without any need of determinations from the Parades Commission.

 "Belfast is no longer a Unionist city and it needs to reflect both Irishness and Britishness with an equality of treatment for each as envisaged in the Good Friday Agreement. Unionists need to get their heads around the fact that Belfast and indeed the North is a new place and will continue to change.

 "What we need from political Unionism is leadership and to explain to those they represent that equality threatens no one and that includes equality of symbols. Up to now all we have had from unionism is scaremongering and a retreat to the trenches of sectarian coat-trailing." END

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