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Sinn Féin to support lowering of voting age: Reilly

25 January, 2013

Speaking in advance of the meeting of the Constitutional Convention tomorrow and Sunday, Sinn Féin senator, Kathryn Reilly, said:

“There is a proposal to lower the voting age to 17, to be discussed tomorrow. In fact, Sinn Féin supports lowering it to 16 years, on the basis that people can work and pay taxes at that age. The party will also be supporting the reduction of the presidential term to five years.

“Sinn Féin also believes that the Convention should be looking at constitutional protection of the extension of the franchise more generally, to enable all categories of citizens to exercise the vote.

“Likewise, for us the key issue regarding the presidency is not the length of the term or alignment of the elections, but constitutionally protecting the right of all citizens to vote for the president regardless of where they live: in the south, in the north or in the diaspora.”

The Sinn Féin party will be represented at the meeting by Senator David Cullinane, Senator Kathryn Reilly and MLA Caitríona Ruane.

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