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Hogan's proposals a cynical cost-cutting exercise‏ - Stanley

9 February, 2013 - by Brian Stanley TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on the environment, community and local government Brian Stanley TD has claimed that Minister Phil Hogan’s local government proposals are “nothing short of a cynical cost-cutting exercise ”.

Speaking in Dublin at a meeting of Sinn Féin's National Councillors Forum, Stanley said:

“Minister Hogan's proposals on local government are more window dressing from a government bankrupt of good ideas. 

“This government has prioritised cost-cutting over public services.

“Sinn Féin wants real reform of local government. We want to see maximum devolution of powers from government departments to local councils. We want to see housing, waste management, water services and roads under the control of local councils. These services must be funded in a sustainable fair manner through progressive taxation including a wealth tax. The government's alternative Family Home Tax will simply force more families into poverty and local authorities will be forced to cut more services. 

“We intend holding Fine Gael and Labour Party councillors to account for the actions of their government ministers. Our councillors have given a commitment to bring the battle against both the Family Home Tax and the forthcoming water charges into every council chamber where we have elected representatives.

“We will be actively campaigning to ensure these charges are overturned. Our councillors will be introducing motions, holding public meetings, protests and petitions in every county.

“Sinn Féin will not allow this government to undermine local democracy in a cynical cost-cutting exercise.”

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