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Danny Kennedy hiding on legal advice - Lynch

20 February, 2013 - by Seán Lynch

Sinn Féin MLA and vice chair of the Regional Development Committee, Sean Lynch, has slammed Danny Kennedy for hiding behind legalese as he refused to answer pertinent questions with regards his decision not to appeal the case brought against the department by Alan Lennon.

Speaking today following the Regional Development Committee Mr Lynch said:

“Danny Kennedy came before the committee today to answer pertinent question surrounding the case that Alan Lennon took against the Department of Regional Development. 

“However the Minister has decided to hide behind legalese saying that “legal professional privilege” stops him from answering certain questions in relation to this case. 

“The Minister was asked in plain terms to explain his decision not to appeal the case despite the very strong legal opinion to do so. He refused. 

“Danny Kennedy had cited before the cost to the public purse of an appeal yet today, even months after the court ruling, he was unable to provide figures to justify his reasoning. 

“His refusal to appeal has already cost the public close to a quarter of a million pounds. 

“Further to this he also refused to state why he, as Minister, also refused to appoint Alan Lennon to an arguably lesser non-executive position. 

“If the Minister was so secure in his decision, as he has previously stated,  he could waver his privilege and provide the committee and indeed the wider public with the truth on this matter. 

“As he continues to hide the questions surrounding this case continue to mount.” 

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