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Government jobs plan an investment free box ticking exercise – Tóibín

22 February, 2013

Speaking as the government launched its new action plan for jobs 2013 Sinn Féin spokesperson Peadar Tóibín described the plan as a jobs free, investment free box ticking exercise.

Deputy Tóibín said;

“Last year the government announced the Action Plan for Jobs and the Taoiseach promised a 100,000 net new jobs by 2016. A year on and the economy has lost net 4,300 jobs. The key indicator of success of government policy is measured by how many of our unemployed are getting back to work. In this the government have unambiguously failed.

“Appalling levels of unemployment, long term unemployment and emigration are at levels that by any international standards are unacceptable. At the government’s current rate of job creation it would take 30 years to resolve the unemployment crisis.

“We see Ministers at the announcement of every new job yet none are available to speak to the workers in GSK, Abbott, B&Q or HMV to explain how government policy is working.

“Government fiscal and economic policy has sucked billions out of the economy and replaced it with unsustainable and unproductive debt. The government has lost sight of the real economy. A fully functional domestic economy is the only tool that can fix the unemployment and debt problem.

“The government needs to invest in badly needed infrastructure in order to create jobs now and efficiencies and competitive advantages in the future. Sinn Féin has demonstrated through our Jobs Plan that 156,000 could be supported through investment. The government needs to tackle the cost disadvantages prevent business from growing such as Upward Only Rents, extremely high energy costs, professional fees and insurance costs.

“Since the first Jobs Plan was announced we are further away from the 100,000 jobs promised by the Taoiseach. Ireland is in an unemployment emergency, faking progress with jobs free, investment free, box ticking exercises is not good enough.” ENDS

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