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Increase in Sinn Féin support welcome – O’Rourke

28 March, 2013

Darren O’Rourke has welcomed the increase in support for Sinn Féin in Meath East saying that the result represents an important advance for the party in the constituency.

Speaking from the count centre in Ashbourne O’Rourke said:

“From the outset the media had this down as a two-horse race.

“Fine Gael may have won this election but the low turnout demonstrates a huge level of disillusionment with politics as a whole.  The decision by Fine Gael to curb voting hours was wrong and it took away from many people, particularly commuters, their opportunity to vote.

“I welcome the increase in support for Sinn Féin in Meath East. Sinn Féin is a growing force in this constituency and we intend to build on this result in future elections.  We will be challenging for a Dáil seat in Meath East at the next election.

“I am proud to have represented my party in this by-election, my first electoral outing.

“I wish to thank all those who worked on my campaign and particularly to thank all those people who voted for me. Despite the weather and despite the fact that the government cynically reduced the polling hours, a huge amount of people went out of their way to give myself and my party their number one vote and for that I thank them. 

“I will continue to work for the people of Meath East.  As Sinn Féin’s representative for Meath East I will continue to campaign for a better, fairer alternative to the cosy political consensus of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour.”

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