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Abolish the Property Tax - Ní Bhaoighealláin

13 April, 2013

In 2011 Fianna Fail’s budget proposal was to introduce a property tax in the last quarter of that year.  In the general election of the same year FG’s manifesto stated that ‘a recurring residential property tax on the family home was unfair’, while Labour’s manifesto proposed a site value tax with exemptions for those who paid large sums in stamp duty and for those in negative equity.  


So let’s fast forward now to 2013, the year of the political U-turn!   Fianna Fáil now oppose the property tax, they say it’s the wrong tax at the wrong time.  So one can assume that the right time must only be when Fianna Fáil is in government not opposition.


On the other hand, Labour’s site value tax has disappeared along with all its election promises.  And as for Fine Gael they now seem to think that despite 47% of mortgage holders being in negative equity, numbers in mortgage distress doubling and unemployment reaching 400,000 that introducing a family home tax is no longer unfair.


They claim to have no choice. 

Well, here is a couple of choices to consider Taoiseach:

How about a wealth tax that would bring in €800 million or a third rate of tax of 48% on earnings over €100,000 which would net €365 million?  Or what about a five per cent levy on gambling which would bring in €243 million?



So, I have a question for the government particularly those in the Labour Party. Who will you choose to protect? The family with €50 disposable income at the end of the month or the bailed out Banks CEO’s with salaries of €843,000? 


Because If you really care about fairness you will abolish this Family Home Tax.

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